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Our Featured Projects.


Studying and collaboration with engineers, medical professionals and artists, on the functions of the brain with abstract representation and dance performance.

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Sky Art Installations - Sky Kon

Large, flown, interactive sky art fabrications used in performance and celebration events.

Air-To-Ground Tubes

Grand-Scale inflated tubes highlighted architectural and environmental elements.


Flown in the sky and articulated in space, these tubes create a story and collaboration scene for celebrating an event or incorporated with other components.

Tubes are installed in excess of four-thousand five-hundred linear feet. Each one is an opportunity for a hands-on, human interactive process.

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Creativity Workshops

Customized creative workshops focusing on students, educators, institutions. Building community through real-time creative, interactive activities. Whole-brained learning programs that create large-scale collaborative art outcomes. Barrier-free, accessible components with dynamic outcomes.


©BT 2009 hemi 2GR.jpg
Hemi Flora

Hemispherical sculpture paired with floral, articulated tubes. Changes environments where it is installed and placed. Exciting and dynamic as a solo sculpture or incorporated into large-scale, environmental installations. 

©BT earthwork.jpg
Grand-Scale Environmental Installation

Combining all aspects of creative collaborations, these large-scale installations celebrate event culture, community, and workshop outcomes.

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